Education CRM


Why is the CRM system really necessary for education providers?

A tailored CRM system that meets the requirements of educational institutions will provide valuable insights about students. Then, it will promote the development of more coherent and effective personal relationships not only with current and future students but also with former students. Here are the typical benefits of a CRM system for educational institutions, allowing you to go one step ahead of your competitors:

  • Manage the entire admissions process on a single platform
  • Track, nurture Leads, potential customers
  • Manage class schedules, student profiles
  • Transparency and consistency in making report and evaluation of lecturers and students
  • Built long-term relationships with former students

Question you might have

Which provider’s CRM should we use?

Currently there are many CRM system providers that meet to every customer segment. However, it is necessary to analyze and assess the capabilities and needs of enterprises to make the most suitable choice.

What does the cost for an Education CRM include and what will I be provided?

A full Education CRM package will include consulting, system design, training and account purchase costs as well as annual account renewal. However, customers can choose services that suit their requirements and capabilities.

How long does it take to deploy the system?

Often a project will take 2-3 months, including standardization of sales / marketing / service processes, system design and development to training as well as control of implementation. We will commit and accompany our customers in ensuring that CRM system is properly operated, properly data and effectively managed CRM.

Can I adjust the system myself without supporting from a professional team?

You can certainly do it, but it will require a period of research and practice. Our team of experts has experience in consulting and deploying for many customers. We will help you save a lot of valuable time.

Can I get a trial experience before deciding to buy?

We always encourage customers to experience the system before deciding to buy the product. You only need to fill out the trial registration form below.

What if I want to adjust the system in the future?

If you later change processes, or expand features, scale businesses. You can do it yourself or we support you for a reasonable fee.

How does the Education CRM support your business?

Increase sales by up to 29% 29%
decrease 40% the cost of customer service labor 40%
increase efficiency in customer service up to 79% 74%