Sales/Marketing Consulting


Sales/Marketing Consulting

Our Sales/Marketing Consulting service will accompany your business in planning, developing and helping businesses implement growth plans.

Sales/Marketing Services at Wolf Consulting

Wolf Consulting works with business owners and management teams to identify growth opportunities by understanding the core strengths of business and aligning these strengths with market opportunities. Our major advisory activities include:

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“We were pleased with the methodology as well as the outstanding performance that Wolf Consulting delivered throughout our projects together. Wolf Consulting team was incredibly trustworthy as they always provided the right answers in a timely manner to every angle of our strategy.”

Mr. Hoang Do Huy
Chief Marketing Officer, iBasic Vietnam

Strategy & Business Growth Planning

Working with business owners to identify and support the implementation of business development strategies.

Market Research & Development

Working with companies to research, target and ensure sales in the market, as well as evaluate competitors.

Marketing & Sales

Evaluate existing marketing/sales activities, as well as deploy brand positioning.

Tendering & Bid Management

Support businesses to source and respond effectively to tender opportunities.

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