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CRM Consulting

We create solutions that customize technology to your company and your desired outcome

When putting in resources in technology, it is a must to also put these resources in people and process. With over 10 years of industry experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accompanied by optimal efficiency culminated from executing thousands of projects, Wolf Consulting is able to create solutions that are extremely user-friendly, in order to allow the user to master and excel at these solutions in a most time efficient manner. Our past solutions have been commended for their focus on the promotion of efficiency and effectiveness in sales, customer service, operations, marketing, and operations.


Our clients come from many different industries, with many different CRM solution requirements. Even though we solve their different needs respectively, Wolf Consulting’s approach in all cases remains true for three principles:

Firstly, we aim at all times, to provide solutions that give our clients the ability to manage and control their CRM internally without having to ask for help from anyone. This is done through clear and effective solutions and efficient training.

Secondly, every single of our solution design and decisions are created by factoring our customers’ deadlines, budgeted capabilities, and stakeholder objectives. These would assist us in creating the right technological solution and augment success for our customers.

Thirdly, at Wolf Consulting, we pride ourselves at being open and above board in all our dealings with clients. This protects client interests and guarantees satisfaction.

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“We were pleased with the methodology as well as the outstanding performance that Wolf Consulting delivered throughout our projects together. Wolf Consulting team was incredibly trustworthy as they always provided the right answers in a timely manner to every angle of our strategy.”

Mr. Hoang Do Huy
Chief Marketing Officer, iBasic Vietnam

Maximize ROI

We work closely with you and CRM system to understand the overall technology investment made so we can consult and design solutions that maximize value and return.

Clear Roadmaps

Throughout the entire consultation, you will be able to check the progress and quantitively measure your success via a roadmap. This roadmap will contain milestones and different project sections. When utilized, this roadmap would enable you to visually internalize, master and achieve your specified objectives efficiently.

Partnership in Success

Every client engagement with us is a true partnership. We believe that we are only as good as the value that we offer to each and every one of our clients/partners. This means we will ensure your success, as we measure ours based on yours.


We ensure that at the end of the client engagement, you would have in your hands, a CRM solution and technology roadmap that is customized only for your company, and not reliant externally (including us), to sustain said CRM.

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