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“We were pleased with the methodology as well as the outstanding performance that Wolf Consulting delivered throughout the projects. Wolf Consulting team was incredibly trustworthy as always provide timely and accurate solutions to every aspects of our strategy.”

Mr. Hoang Do Huy
Chief Marketing Officer, iBasic Vietnam

In an organization, the effective evaluation of Sales and Marketing activities is an important task to influence enterprise health. At a business perspective, they do not hesitate to invest great for Marketing/Sales, but they do not know what to be collected.

At the perspective of a Sales/Marketing Manager will encounter many difficulties in making detailed measurement indicators, as well as hardly answering many important questions from the Board of trustees such as:

  • What is the most effective communication channel?
  • What are the effects of the campaign most affected by?
  • What indicators manifest success and which indicator does the alarm need to fix
  • How do you know the index that corresponds to the investment level is reasonable?
  • How to improve growth efficiency?

Project Management Phases

With deep expertise in the field of consultancy, Wolf Consulting will be co-branded with businesses to address the problem in the most effective way. The Sales/Marketing efficiency measurement usually passes through three main phases including:

  • Define goals, budgets, and the design of ROI/KPIs Reasonable indicators
  • Break down and control the execution of the proper orientation
  • Reporting, analysis and improvement of the project

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