Campaign Measurement

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“We were pleased with the methodology as well as the outstanding performance that Wolf Consulting delivered throughout our projects together. Wolf Consulting team was incredibly trustworthy as they always provided the right answers in a timely manner to every angle of our strategy.”

Mr. Hoang Do Huy
Chief Marketing Officer, iBasic Vietnam

Monitoring and evaluating a Sales or Marketing campaign as it progresses play a significant role in organizational growth and development. Business owners are willing to invest a considerable amount of money, effort and time in Sales and Marketing activities, but at the same time would expect to see a good ROI.

On the other hand, Sales and Marketing Managers often struggle with identifying meaningful KPIs, and consequently find it difficult to obtain buy-in from management and staff for not being able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the most effective communication channels?
  • The performance of a campaign is most affected by which indicators?
  • What metrics should be used to measure success, and what metrics can act as a red flag/warning sign to managers?
  • How to improve budgeting accuracy by basing metrics on measurable KPIs?
  • How to increase the business growth rate?

Project Management Phases

With in-depth expertise in the field of consultancy services, Wolf Consulting is your ideal business partner that provides optimal solutions for your problems.

3 key stages for measuring Sales and Marketing effectiveness:

  • Defining goals and budget, setting meaningful and effective KPIs/ROI target
  • Breaking down the project into detailed tasks and ensure the project is heading in the right direction throughout execution process
  • Reporting and using data-driven analytics to improve project outcomes

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