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Why do businesses need us?

Choosing a suitable partner for business is a hard work and will have a major impact on the success of the business. Instead of using the internal team, the units are intensive, and professional is one of the most highly effective trends. Using our team you will:

  • Do not worry of loss of personnel, or uneven level. All our staff are training articles before making the project
  • Reduced project risk due to wrong strategy or not being updated. At Wolf Consulting, with experience over 1000 projects and many different fields, we believe that will advise customers solutions, approaches as well as best methods
  • Improve work performance, execution time. A small fee for the service will help businesses save up to 200% of the cost, our team leveraged the process/template system and manipulation with over 15 years of experience, will carry out project fast and correct progress
  • You pay only when you have the need. This difference is entirely with the payment of a team of personnel when there is no need, it is a burden on the cost of excess team
  • One
  • Two

Benefits CRM brings to businesses


CRM brings more value to business, from data security to customer insights data to develop a more effective way to approach customers. It allows executives to gain a better understanding of customer insights, which leads to a more appropriate brand building strategy and product development. It also motivates the sales team to reach the target and differentiates from competitors.


With the development of Digital and internet, effective Marketing strategies and campaigns should be rooted in data, digital and social media to increase communication efficiency. Wolf Consulting applies CRM to build one-stop solution system to ensure all of the campaigns consist of relevant content and be delivered to the right people on a timely fashion.


CRM works to understand your business requirement and strategic vision. From that, the company can apply technology to solve the current needs, as well as other challenges emerging. By listening and understanding business direction, customers demand, Wolf Consulting will consider and support customers in applying technology to allow your customers to have effortless experience.

Human Resources

By expanding the use of CRM platform for not only managing customer relationship but also optimizing human resource works, including management tasks, training and performance appraisal. Additionally, CRM also helps to improve productivity up to 20% and minimize human mistakes.


To have the effectual operation and decision making, a company needs to look at a bigger picture, as also the cross-departmental collaboration. Physical locations, data security, IT infrastructure, report and executive targets all need to be considered in the operation management process. Wolf Consulting’s consultants will build a strong report system that helps stakeholders to manage and make better decisions.


One of the most important in finance is managing and predicting the revenue. Wolf consulting will help to apply CRM to plan, monitor, as well as manage revenue risk; which allow the company to make corrective actions if required.

CRM Services at Wolf Consulting

CRM Consulting

Transforming business strategy/process into the solution for CRM application.

CRM Development

Building custom applications to enhance efficiency.

Data & Analytics

Providing management, analytic service and ensure data quality.

Data Cleansing

Data Governance


Improving team capacity to apply the more appropriate and effective strategy.

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