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Why work with us?

Finding the perfect partner for your business is not easy as this will leave a critical impact on the success of your projects. Instead of using your own in-house team, for some highly specialized projects, outsourcing will provide the right expertise and niche skills required for that specific project. Working with our team you will:

  • Not worry about loss of key personnel and uneven distribution of work. All of our team members are carefully selected and trained before getting involved in a project.
  • Mitigate project risks due to ill-considered strategies or views being outdated. At Wolf Consulting, with in-depth experience from working on over 1000 projects in diverse fields, we are confident in our ability to provide clients with optimal approaches and solutions.
  • Boost work performance while reducing working hours. A relatively small  investment now will save businesses up to 200% of the future expenses. Specialized in the implementation of CRM, our team of experts will carry out projects in timely fashion and towards the right direction.
  • Pay only when you have the need for our expertise. This saves you from the burden of having to pay a full-time workforce even when they are not in use.

The benefits CRM will bring your business


CRM brings more values to businesses, from grasping customer insights through data-driven analytics to securing valued information. Utilizing CRM streamlines your sales process and allows a more efficient customer approach while empowering the sales team to reach their targets and stand out from competitors. Moreover, the management can gain a better understanding of customer needs, which leads to a more preferable branding strategy and product development.


With the expansion of digital marketing and the internet, effective marketing strategies are rooted in data analytics, digital tools and social media channels to maximize communication efficiency. Wolf Consulting applies CRM to build one-stop system to ensure all campaigns convey consistent key messages and get delivered to the right audiences in timely fashion.


CRM has the capability to fulfil your business requirements while embracing its strategic visions. The management can employ this system to solve their existing problems as well as future challenges. By fully studying our clients’ business directions and their customer demands, Wolf consulting can support enterprises throughout this technology adoption process that will result in wow services for their customers.

Human Resources

The implementation of a CRM platform not only fosters strong, long-terms customer relationships but also optimizes HR operations, including project management, training and performance appraisals. Additionally, CRM has been proven to improve productivity up to 20% and minimize human errors.


To have an effectual operation and swift decision making process, a CEO needs to look at the bigger picture, particularly collaboration across departments. Physical locations, data security, IT infrastructure, reporting and mutual targets are some important factors that need to be considered by the operation management. Wolf Consulting’s experts will design a strong report system that helps stakeholders to manage and make better decisions.


One of the most challenging tasks in finance is to manage expenses within budgets and anticipate revenue streams. Wolf consulting is here to help businesses apply CRM to planning, monitoring, and even managing risks. From then, the management of a company can come up with the best possible solutions.

CRM Services at Wolf Consulting

CRM Consulting

Transforming business strategy and process into an automated CRM system

CRM Development

Developing a platform customized specifically to your organization to optimize performance

Data Analytics

Ensuring the quality and accuracy of collected data for analyzing purpose

Data Cleansing

Data Governance

Training & Coaching

Adapting employees to the designed CRM system to utilize the technology correctly and efficiently

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