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Extensive Recruitment Process

We create and use different information channels to recruit qualified candidates with respectable work-ethics and attitudes. All applicants are carefully evaluated and selected by a team of experts.

Core Experience

With over a decade of experience in consulting for multiple enterprises in Vietnam and overseas, we possess profound insights and guidelines that are not only practical but also highly specialized.

Regular Training Programs

Various training courses are in place to constantly enhance our in-house team’s knowledge, skills, and ability.

R&D keeping up with Technology and Market Trends

We are investing heavily in R&D in order to initiate innovative methodologies and practices while staying informed on technology as well as marketing trends.

We believe that in order to originate the most comprehensive solutions, it is inevitable to study the psychology and behaviors of both organizations and consumers. Therefore, we conduct research on 500 organizations in Singapore and Vietnam, and over 2000 consumers annually to identify the market’s problems and its needs. As a result, we can confidently give the most prudent advices to our clients.

The behaviors and needs of the market gradually change over the years, especially with the progression of digital marketing. If we do not stay updated regularly, we will fall behind and lose our competitive advantages. For that reason, Wolf Consulting always conducts numerous types of research and analysis to provide clients with the most relevant and up-to-date solutions.

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